About Us

"We started this company because we are passionate about modern production methods, and the possibilities they create for designer like ourselves. Respectively coming from fashion and mechanical design, we had ample opportunity to learn about professional production environments and how they benefit our projects."


Fascinating computer-controlled tools allow us to bring digital ideas to life, as you might say, enabling you to hold your idea in your hand. As anybody completing a project from concept to tangible product can tell you, this was an incredibly satisfying experience. At our job this way of working was normal, as it is in lots of sectors today.

Until recently the projects benefiting from this technology were either very big scale, requiring hundreds of units to be produced, or prohibitively expensive for most products you and I would like to have. For designers of our mindset neither will do, as we want special products to be custom-made, at a price that can compete with mass-produced items currently sold in stores.

Lately we have been seeing an explosion in technology, partly on the side of the physical machines, but maybe even more so in control software and the applications to design for them. This evolution, of which we are now only at the beginning, could soon allow a community of designers to freely produce their own goods, no longer having budget stand in the way of creation.

Recent developments inspired us to create a job shop on the principle that production facilities can be available for anybody who wishes to do digital design. We are starting out with a laser machining service, as it offers high-speed production, and is ideal for processing natural materials. We think this might be the second trend we're about to see, namely designers moving away from polluting and dangerous substances in favor of natural materials, because nobody in their right mind would want to have crap materials for their unique, one of a kind, self-designed products!

We hope you'll join us on this journey!

Jim van Doren,


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