Pricing Guide

The easiest way to get a price for your project is to drop us an email with your design and requirements. For those who are interested in it, the following is an explanation of how pricing for a project is determined. If you are a student or a non-profit, please let us know so we can give you a discount.

Laser production services are quoted on an individual basis, as most projects are custom and have specific requirements. In general, pricing for a project can be broken down in some combination of material costs, labor and machine time. The following are the categories we consider in this calculation.


At the start of the project you either provide us with your own digital files, or we help you create the necessary designs. We draw the vector files for cutting and can make the artwork for engraving together with you, and we can also create 3-dimensional models for your project if you require those.

File preparation

The easiest and cheapest way to get your files ready for laser processing, is to lay out your artwork on the templates we provide for a number of popular design programs. We are looking for clean vector files that are at the correct scale, with paths for different operations (cutting, scoring, engraving) contained in separate layers.

Machine setup

Jobs using stock materials are generally the least expensive to set up. Processing of existing items can be a bit more expensive, as additional labor for aligning your artwork and creating jigs might be required.


Materials are priced by size, thickness and kind, typically increasing in cost with higher quality. You can have a look on our website for a list of popular materials for laser processing.


A software package for performing machining simulation helps us calculate processing time and cost. Typically more dense and thick materials take longer to cut, whereas light and thin materials cut more quickly. For most orders, laser processing time will make up the bulk of the project's costs.


Scoring can provide an alternative to engraving at a fraction of the cost, but can for example also be used to create folding lines in packaging designs. When scoring, only the outlines of shapes and characters are traced, which offers an immense time-saving compared to engraving the entire area.


The cost of engraving is generally high compared to other laser processing operations, as it involves traversing the entire area of your artwork at steps of a fraction of a millimeter. Engraving cost stands in direct relationship to surface area, but will not be very different between materials and is independent of thickness.

Special treatment

Some jobs need special treatment of items once they have been processed (ie. cleaning leather), others might require special handling or care. When fabrication includes additional steps after laser processing, like when building an architectural model, that cost will also fall under this heading.

Lead time

Our standard project lead times can be viewed here, and we also provide expedited processing of your order when you're in a hurry. This will be more expensive as we will need to change our schedule in order to put your project ahead of other customers.


Orders will be shipped to you, either by normal or priority mail. Depending on your location and the urgency of your order, we can also arrange a delivery on the same day, for example by taxi.

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