A wide variety of materials can be machined by laser, and especially products of natural origin are well suited for the process. We stock a number of popular materials like different kinds of wood and card, and most of what we don't have can easily be acquired on demand.

It is always possible to provide your own materials, both for testing and production, but we ask to provide manufacturer and material information so we can verify that they can be cut safely by laser. Following is a selection of the materials used regularly for laser processing:


This is a very popular material for laser processing, especially for creating models and prototypes, mostly because of its affordability and versatility. When cut the edges take on a dark brown color, and engraving creates a similar effect on the surface. At 2.5mm thickness the cut leaves a clean edge, while on thicker boards the cutting edges will have some degree of charring.

Mdf 1.JPG
Mdf 3.JPG
Mdf 2.JPG


This material especially shines when making templates for other processes like plasma cutting and milling. Its higher density makes for greater form stability as well as higher temperature resistance. Templates are mostly made at a thickness of 2.5mm, which we have in stock.

Hdf 5.JPG
Hdf 4.JPG
Hdf 1.JPG


A strong material made up of layers of natural wood, which cuts with an attractive finish and gives your product a high-quality look. The edges take on a golden-brown color when cut, and engraving or scoring on the surface have a similar effect. We stock multiplex in both 3.6mm and 5mm thickness, but many other kinds are available on demand.

Plywood 1.JPG
Plywood 2.JPG
Plywood 3.JPG


Another high-quality natural material that is well suited for laser processing. Patterns for leather goods like bags, wallets, shoes and purses cut and engrave very well on the laser, as do the labels that brand these items. Intricate designs that would be impossible using traditional methods can easily be achieved by laser, and designer products of superior quality can be created.

Leather 2.JPG
Leather 1.JPG
Leather 3.JPG


The laser cuts fabrics at both high speed and accuracy, benefiting fashion designers in many domains. Most natural fibers are well suited for the process, and some like jeans also give some nice results when engraved. Processing by laser offers a big advantage in terms of time and precision when compared to hand cutting.

Fabric 2.JPG
Fabric 1.JPG
Fabric 3.JPG


Even though we can't cut it with our machine, some kinds of metal can be engraved rather nicely. Especially stainless steel seems to be well fit for the process, resulting in a high contrast finish when engraved.

Metal 1.JPG

Stone and glass

Stone nor glass can be cut on the laser,but both can be engraved. The process creates areas of rougher texture, which contrast beautifully with the rest of the surface, especially when the latter is smooth and polished.

Glas 1.JPG
Glas 3.JPG
Glas 2.JPG

Natural wood

This materials lends itself very well to laser cutting, just like its technical counterparts mdf and plywood. Many varieties of natural wood are available, and we have not encountered any yet that doesn't cut beautifully. Edges and engravings have a color from light to dark brown, depending on the species used. Wood is available in many thicknesses, and anything from veneer (less that 1mm) to about 5mm thickness will cut quickly on the laser. One interesting use of wood can be found in making traditional letterpress characters.

Paper, card and cardboard

Another very popular material for laser processing is card stock in a wide variety of thicknesses and colors. Paper and card are widely used in art, custom invitations, book covers, business cards, special packaging solutions, business cards and the like. In making custom decorations for fairs and exhibitions, but even in making experimental furniture, cardboard is widely liked by designers.


Grafityp recently brought the Colibri range of eco-friendly vinyl products on the market. Thanks to their lack of toxic component "chlorine" these products are safe for food packaging, children toys, and also for laser cutting. Self-adhesive vinyl from this collection comes in a range of mat and glossy colors, in widths of 610mm and 1220mm.

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