Laser Processing

We provide both laser cutting and engraving, as well as a number of affiliated services like product and packaging design. With our highly precise and featured laser cutter, having a working area of 880x800mm, a wide variety of materials can be processed.


Our customers are companies and individuals from all walks of life, and project sizes typically range from one piece to several dozen and even more than a hundred. We work together with you in developing your product, bringing our knowledge and experience in laser processing to the table. Feel free to contact us at any stage of development with the details of your project, so we can inform you about technical options and processing capabilities.

Art 15AAZ 1.jpg


Laser cutting is a great technology when you're an artist, taking your ideas beyond a digital model at reasonable cost, and offering the choice from a wide range of materials.

Boxes 15AAQ 10.JPG


Having custom boxes and with them a professional presentation of your products no longer requires buying big quantities, they can be individually designed for small production runs.

Crafts 15AAN 6.JPG


You can dramatically individualise your craft by designing and creating your own components, but you're also always welcome to use one of our designs, like the font this number belongs to.

Event decoration 16AAS 3.JPG


Custom decoration helps your professional presentation and makes a positive impression on potential customers; meanwhile no big budget is required for materials or for cutting.

Jewels 15AAT 1.jpeg


Wether you are designing jewelry for your own collection or as a promotional item, laser cutting allows to let your imagination run free, and at the same time create durable and quality products

Prototypes 15AAW 4.JPG


While exploring an idea you will likely surround yourself with one prototype after the other, refining and perfectioning it as you go. Budget nor production should slow you down.

Labels 15AAQ 3.JPG


Selling is not only about the product itself, it is all about presentation and the experience you provide to the customer. Show your attention to detail by making sure everything fits.

Packaging 16ABA 13.JPG


Looking at great designer brands, you'll see how painstakingly these design their packaging - wrapping, dust-bagging and boxing each product, in harmony with a single in-house style.

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